LinkedIn remains a popular job-hunting, recruitment, and professional networking platform. Whether you’re seeking employment or promoting your personal brand, having an impressive profile and summary is crucial. This article will explore five Elements of a Best LinkedIn Summary and some helpful hacks that stand out.

5 Key Elements of a Best LinkedIn Summary

Focus on Accomplishments

Highlighting your key accomplishments is essential, regardless of your field or interests. Employers want to see tangible evidence of your abilities rather than mere claims. However, it’s important to present your accomplishments in a unique and engaging manner.

For example, instead of a dull summary like, “I’m a graphic designer who has built 20 websites,” consider a more compelling approach: “I’m a graphic artist with extensive experience in print and digital marketing. I’ve successfully assisted (x) brands with major campaigns, resulting in…” By including specific campaigns and metrics, such as leads generated or click-through rates, you provide evidence of your performance. You can also include a URL to an online portfolio, blog, or landing page showcasing your work.

Get Personal

To capture attention in creative or storytelling-focused industries, consider opening your summary with an intriguing personal statement that showcases your storytelling or writing skills.

For instance, Karen Abbate shares an insight into her career journey and a personal experience with her husband’s cancer diagnosis to illustrate her passion for pharma advertising.

While this type of summary emphasises soft skills, including a brief list of core competencies in your profile’s first section is important.

Keep it Simple

If you’re unsure where to begin, start with the basics. Tailor your wording to attract the professionals you’re targeting. If your field attracts technically-minded individuals, keep your summary concise and include relevant numbers.

For example, “I have five years of experience in digital marketing and currently serve as the lead content strategist at x company.” Remember to expand on this by including a list of core competencies within the first 100 words.

Try a Blended Approach

Why not combine two strategies if you can’t decide between the previous approaches? Start with highlighting accomplishments, then share a personal story. This approach works well for showcasing a mix of achievements and metrics.

Magdalena Wozniczka-Mleczko’s LinkedIn summary provides an excellent example. She expresses her passion for IT recruitment and global companies, then describes her skills and talents.

Use Keywords

Incorporating relevant keywords in your summary is crucial to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. Conduct research to identify the terms others might use when searching for professionals in your role or industry. For instance, if you work as a social media marketer, include keywords like ‘social media,’ ‘TikTok,’ and ‘paid social media’ to optimise your profile. Adding keywords to the skills and endorsements sections is an effective SEO strategy for your LinkedIn profile. However, avoid overusing them and prioritise specific competencies over general character traits.

LinkedIn Hacks

To enhance your chances of getting noticed on LinkedIn, consider the following tips:

1) Be Creative with Your Title

Craft an eye-catching title that reflects your personal brand. Instead of using generic terms like “writer” or “artist,” opt for more specific and engaging titles like “wordsmith” or “creator.” Include a concise list of 4-8 specific skills or competencies near the top of your summary.

2) Keep Details Up-To-Date

Maintain an up-to-date LinkedIn profile to ensure a successful job hunt. Include your current position, education, and location. These details play a crucial role in recruiters’ decision to contact you. Furthermore, highlighting your experience and certifications in your area can strengthen your connections if you’re looking for local job opportunities, especially in niche industries like digital marketing.

3) Treat LinkedIn as Social Media

LinkedIn may be a professional network, but it also functions as a social platform that thrives on engaging content. Follow the basic rules of social media marketing that you use for other social media platforms. Consider sharing blogs, videos, slideshows, or images in the feed section, similar to other social sites. Regularly posting content on LinkedIn can generate more traffic to your profile. Remember to use eye-catching visuals and compelling titles to capture attention.

4) Go Premium

If you’re serious about networking and job searching, consider LinkedIn Premium. According to the network, Premium members are 2.6 times more likely to get hired. With Premium, you can use InMail to connect with recruiters or peers. You’ll also have insight into who has viewed your profile in the past three months. LinkedIn Learning courses can also help demonstrate your skills or improve existing ones.

5) Include Recommendations & Endorsements

LinkedIn makes it easy to request recommendations through your current job posts. Simply identify individuals who can provide valuable recommendations and ask them. Endorsements are also beneficial—endorse others for their skills, and they may reciprocate. Don’t hesitate to reach out to trusted connections who are familiar with your abilities and ask them to endorse you for various skills on your list.


Your LinkedIn summary plays a crucial role in attracting the right audience. Consider focusing on accomplishments, adding a personal touch, and using relevant keywords. Blend different approaches if needed and leverage the power of LinkedIn hacks to maximise your visibility and networking opportunities. Remember to update your profile and engage with the platform like other social networks. With these strategies, you’ll enhance your chances of standing out and making a lasting impression on LinkedIn.

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